What Makes Self-Ligating Brackets Different?

Whether your decision to get braces comes from the desire to correct simple aesthetic misalignments or major spacing and bite problems, treatment can provide a number of benefits that go beyond appearances. Part of our commitment to our patients is to always provide a high standard of care that goes above and beyond expectations. In alignment with this, our state-of-the-art orthodontic equipment and treatment plans are some of the latest in the industry. Unlike the traditional metal brackets most tend to think of, our brackets use self-ligation technology that eliminates the need for elastic bands. Using specially designed clips, self-ligating braces can realign your teeth faster, mitigate the pressure placed on your jaw and teeth, and allow you to clean your teeth much more simply. Their brackets and wires are also much thinner and less visible than traditional braces. Self-ligating braces also require fewer and shorter adjustment appointments, saving you time in your busy schedule.

Although today we have different types of braces available, the process for getting braces is generally the same for all. First, a special orthodontic glue made of a composite resin is used to bond the brackets to your teeth. Once the brackets are in place, thin metal wires thread them together. This allows gradual pressure to be applied by tightening the wires with a special key. Adjustments may be made periodically to adjust the tension on the wire to make the experience as effective and comfortable as possible.

Types Of Braces Available

Metal Braces

Due to their proven effectiveness, metal braces remain the most popular option for orthodontic treatment. However, thanks to the self-ligation technology used in our offices, the brackets are much lighter and more comfortable while offering more efficient movement. Rather than traditional stainless steel, our rhodium-coated brackets are highly aesthetic due to their low reflective matte finish.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Offering the same great results as metal brackets, clear braces are made from a ceramic material that is designed to blend in with your natural smile. These braces are perfect for patients looking to maintain a more natural and discreet appearance during treatment. While they are visually less prominent, they do require slightly more attention to oral hygiene as ceramic braces tend to more easily show food particles and buildup.